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3rd new Album 『 BAND』 

1. a Day (word&music by Jack The Stinger Rosario)
2. ロックタウンに死す (word&music by Takao)

3. The Crimsons (word by Jack The Stinger Rosario : music by Ryuji)
4. Smokin’ High School Girl (word&music by Takao)
5. Rock ‘N Roll March (word&music by Takao)
6. Hey Hey Hey (word&music by Ryuji)
7. I Don’t Care (word&music by Ryuji)
8. 夜が明けるまで (word&music by Ryuji)
9. 果てた男 (word&music by Ryuji)
10. Frustraition Generation
(word&music by Jack The Stinger Rosario&Takao)
11. LOSER (word&music by Jack The Stinger Rosario)
12. パラダイスへ (word&music by Jack The Stinger Rosario)
13. とてつもなく夜が長いのは君のせいだ
(word&music by Jack The Stinger Rosario)
14. 真夜中のロックンロール (word&music by Takao)
15. Rock Star (word&music by Takao)
16. Blood Brothers (THE LILY STONES)


Good-bye My Sweet Misery 1edit
1st Album  ※Sold Out!!
Good-Bye My Sweet Misery
1. Misery
2. Spring Action
3. 殺しのワルツ
4. Hello, How Are You?
5. She’s Lonely
6. Oh! セーラ
7. チェルシー
9. ストレンジマン
10. あの娘はサンダーガール
11. なすがまま
12. Revolution Dance




2nd Album  ※Sold Out!!!
Electric Golden Ball
1.Jewels Days
2. Midnight Blue
3. The Destroyer Sister
4. Fool On The Run
5. Boy In The R&R BAND
6. Hang On
7. Cry Baby
8. Black Diamond
9. Baby Hitman
10. Changes
11. So Crazy Magic
12. Shine



1st DL Single